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We are about empowerment

CodeDoor is a non-profit organization. We provide an easy to use AI supported web application that empowers other organisations to teach their learners how to acquire useful skills. The focus is targeted at project based learning and individual tutoring. Through our partners individual tutoring is possible via general artificial intelligence. The new skills prepare the learners for a career in a technical world.
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Our origins

CodeDoor started as a private initiative in 2015 driven by a two-fold crisis.

First was the height of the refugee crisis in Europe that saw millions of people displaced, in particular youth. Second, is the continued demand for labor within software development.

  • How it started

    We launched a pilot project with just one user who learned PHP for a startup looking for a new member to join their team.

  • Partners

    We are grateful to be supported by leading institutions such as Aqtivator, BASF, BlackRock, BnP Paribas, Factset, GitHub, J.P. Morgan, KörberStiftung, Stifterverband, Salesforce.

  • Honors

    Our work has been recognized by institutions and experts in the field: Land der Ideen, KfW-Stiftung, SDW, Heinz Nixdorf Stiftung, Körber Stiftung, Deutscher Stifterverband.

Contact us

Our Senior Account Manager Anna Helfrich is happy to help.

Anna Helfrich

Senior Account Manager