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The CodeDoor Way.

Project based education made easy.

Be empowered to deliver tailored digital learning content. Seamlessly manage and administer your learners. Free-up resources with the support of our AI.
The CodeDoor way supports your organisation:

Be empowered to enable others.

Start now to deliver digital content autonomously, independently and tailored to your learners needs - from simple text based tasks to coding challenges!

Try it out - without commitment and free of charge!

Provide digital content

Would your organisation like to deliver more digital learning content? Or do you already have a proven curriculum?

Wherever you stand - we'll make it easier for you. Subject-independent, remote and multilingual.

Offer project-based learning

Give your learners the opportunity to learn in a project-based and sustainable way.

Bring your own projects, discover existing ones or create new projects with us.

Decide on the content yourself

CodeDoor supports you in planning, organising and digitally implementing knowledge transfer.

You decide on the WHAT - we take care of the HOW.

All Humans First

We are the choice for your educational needs. What´s your digital content? CodeDoor supports you transporting it to your learners.

Manage your learners

Simply invite your learners, follow their progress and enjoy their success! You only need basic IT skills yourself.

Match your tutors

Connect your tutors with your learners or find new tutors in our network. And put our smart AI Codolino at your learners' side.

Build smart teams

Choose whether your learners work alone or in a team. Who is in the team is up to you or the learners - whatever suits you better.

Built for you

We have created a solution for

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Your topic

Decide on the digital content you want to provide. Set up projects in a simple way - with or without our help.

Your learners, your tutors

Invite your own group of learners. Link them to your tutors on CodeDoor or use our network of experts for support.

Your connection to your learners

Support your learners in their progress via CodeDoor. You decide how many details you want to know.

Your results and your learners' success

Let your learners develop skills that fit them individually and thus qualify them for the labour market.

Work with cutting edge technology.
The strongest AI on the market.

With our partners we offer an AI that will act like a human tutor and reduces labor costs.
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Project Based Learning

Build your own projects - tailor-made for your learners. Take over existing projects that have been created for your target group and already tested. Or: let us train our AI Codolino to build projects for you!

AI supported Tutoring

Get support from tutors directly on CodeDoor - or let our smart AI Codolino give valuable advice!

Projects can be on any topic

Let your learners combine different skills. Either as a group or as solo learners. Let CodeDoor suggest jobs that fit each individual's ability.

Learners and Tutor Management

As an administrator, you can not only track the progress of your learners - you and the tutor can also see exactly where they are getting stuck and give them the appropriate help.

Create great teams

Your learners can work alone or in teams. The teams are put together by you as the administrator or by the learners themselves.

Gain more, work less

CodeDoor enables everyone to follow their own, individually tailored learning path. There is no extra work for you and your organisation - but the success of your learners is incomparably greater!

Your learners will build
real life projects

Learners will onboard, meet team members, work together and deliver

Our Features

We have what you want

A simple way to empower your learners to build real projects. On any topic that is essential to your organisation.
Learners Overview

Know where your learners stand and what they find particularly challenging. Stand by them whenever it is necessary.

Wherever you like

All you and your learners need is a laptop or computer and an internet connection, which is generally stable.

Easy to use

CodeDoor is particularly easy to use so that anyone can learn or teach digital content to others.

Help is always within reach

The CodeDoor team and our tutors are never far away - we're here to support you on your CodeDoor journey from start to finish.

image of the platform
image of a macbook
Learners Invite

With a few clicks you create your own organisation on CodeDoor and invite your learners directly.


Bring your own tutors to CodeDoor or have your learners supported by our smart AI Codolino.

Network effect

Take advantage of the knowledge of other organisations from around the world that work with similar target groups. They have tried and tested projects made available to you.

Do it your way

Your organisation decides on the projects - tailored to your learners. Through these actual projects, your learners develop new skills that are relevant to the labour market.

The evolution of education:
Individual tutoring with AI

Computers have been our helpers for decades. But so far they have only been able to do exactly what we have told them to do beforehand. That is changing now: In Codolino, our smart AI, CodeDoor learners find an almost human sparring partner.

Codolino amazes CodeDoor users every day. As an individual tutor, it stands by the learners and helps when they get stuck.

Codolino does not tell learners the solution, but supports the process of finding the right answer. He is always friendly and encouraging.

  • 01
    Develop projects

    Codolino helps you to develop a project that is tailored to the needs of your target group.

  • 02
    Support learners

    Codolino assists learners in their project work. If they get stuck, they can ask Codolino for help.

  • 03

    Codolino motivates CodeDoor learners to be at their best every day. Codolino greets the users every day with an encouraging sentence.


You have to have tried it yourself to imagine the easy and fast progress of CodeDoor learners. That's why we asked some peers to tell us about their experiences.

Our partners make it all happen

We could not do it without the great support of our partners.
Contact us

The CodeDoor team is happy to help.

Contact us

CodeDoor team is happy to help

We Are Here To Help You

Frequently Asked Questions

We do our best to describe on this website exactly what CodeDoor does and can do. You probably still have some unanswered questions. Maybe this FAQ will help you. If not: please write to us directly at hello at

We are a non-profit organization that has created a product that enables non-profit organisations to deliver digital content to their learners and beneficiaries. This is especially true if none of the team members have experience with it. We help you build or find perfectly suited projects for your learners. One for each learner or the same for a whole group. We give you the chance to manage your learners easily, to follow their progress in an uncomplicated way and to intervene if necessary. Or ask a tutor to give your learners a hand. When an organisation decides to use CodeDoor, we support them from day one and stay by their side until all learners have learned everything there is to learn. We are in for the long term.

Yes, we do have some projects about learning coding, if you are new to this.

Yes please! We are happy to show you CodeDoor free of charge and without obligation. Send us a message to hello at and let's make an appointment for a video call right away!

We mean any organisation, we welcome non-profit and educational institutions as well as initiatives that wants to deliver digital content easily and successfully for the betterment of the world.

Your target group should include people who are currently underrepresented in the IT and software labour market. We have had the best experience when the learners are already over 16 years old and have a basic knowledge of the english language.

The topic of your digital learning content can be very diverse! CodeDoor is used in particular in areas that solve social and environmental issues via technology, e.g. for environmental topics, design thinking, scientific or mathematical training, space education, job training for budding software developers.

CodeDoor opens learning doors

We are looking forward to working with you. Let's get started right away!